Your employees are a bigger threat
to corporate data than hackers.

Protect your cloud data against employee negligence.

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Cloud Transparency & Governance

Compaas enables you to track activity and implement policies on all your files, no matter where they are stored

  • Be in the know.
  • Understanding who has access to corporate data can be a nightmare.
  • With Compaas, you can sleep at night knowing your files are always protected from malicious activity, employee negligence, and even the unknown.

Analyze activity

Filter through events to analyze user and file activity

Prevent threats

Set custom policies to disallow specific activity, like sharing outside of the organization or exposure of CC & SSN information

Alert instantly

Receive real time notifications when a threat is detected or when compliance is breached

Monitor data

Continually monitor your data with Compaas to ensure compliance and protection

Files protected daily


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