Using the cloud without Compaas is
like driving without a seatbelt.

Protect your cloud data against employee negligence.

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Compaas proudly protects

Compaas is built for small & medium businesses.

Every organization, large or small, is subject to employee negligence. Compaas is the only tool built for SMB's to protect your organization against employee negligence.

Compaas Security Cycle

1. Setup Compaas in < 10 seconds.

Compaas is a web platform so there's nothing to deploy. We connect to your cloud(s) securely via oAuth and we never store your data.

2. Compaas identifies senstive and exposed data.

We use a combination of keywords and regex functions to identify sensitive information on your cloud(s). These keywords and functions are customizable.

3. Secure exposed data with one click on Compaas.

On Compaas you can resolve sensitive and exposed files one by one, or secure your entire acount with one click.

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Compaas currently protects files daily.

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